Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Spring Camp Set Up 2016

Our camping trip in the Spring of 2016 looked like this. The weather was warm and we had little rain so the ten by ten tent was set up over the galley without walls. At the side of the teardrop camper I set up the umbrella with curtain as a privacy area. This takes about seven minutes to set up. The umbrella goes in the stand and is moved into the proper position. I unfold the curtain and clip it to the umbrella and add a few weights to the bottom of the curtain. A few tie downs are used to keep everything in place during windy weather.
On the left you can see I used a TV tray table for the electric cooler.  Now we have side tables that attach to camper and the TV tray no longer travels with us. Under the galley you can see an extra water container and a piece of wood. The wood is used to prevent dishes from sliding through the glass cabinet doors while in transit. I will give you more information about this in a future post.

A view from the other side shows the fly over the top of the camper. We forgot to bring the tent poles for this but it still worked out fine without them. The fly is important because it prevents rain from coming in the roof vent while the fan is in use and it provides some rain protection while getting in and out of the camper. It also allows quicker set up and tear down because it stays attached to the tent frame and we don't need to haul a second tent around.

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