Tuesday, July 19, 2016


 My husband picked up this six by ten foot Silver Shadow by Little Guy in July 2015. It is white aluminum with black fenders on a black steel frame. The vintage fenders and baby moon wheels were a selling point for us.  We like vintage and antique things.
I spent hours on the internet researching gear until I came up with a plan and began to execute it.  It tooke days to compile the list of items we would need.  I scoured the house to see what we already had that we could use and then I searched some big box stores and the internet to find the rest of the items.  It took me over a month to track down most of the gear we would need and then I had to customize several of the items to fit our needs and the camper.
I spent several days looking at 10' x10' straight leg tents for the back of the camper. Many people set up two tents side by side. One tent goes over the camper so that the top vent can be opened during bad weather and you have some protection from the elements when you get in and out of the camper.  The second tent is set up behind the first one or beside of it so you have an outdoor room.  The straight leg tent allows you to set up two tents together quite nicely.  The tapered leg tents do not allow you to place two tents side by side so keep that in mind if you are tent shopping.  I finally decided on this little red number because I like red and it came with walls.  It's a Quictent brand and I cut the window out of the front wall so that it fit nicely over the camper. I had to hem a few feet on each side to finish the seam once I cut out the plastic window.
10' x 10' SilvoxGM Pop Up Canopy - Red
  I then ordered the red and white striped outdoor fabric so that I could make a curtain for the back window and the fly for the top of the camper. There is a vent with a fan on top of the camper and it needed covered so that it could still be opened when raining.The galley is back there under the rear hatch and I want some protection from the weather while I am cooking. I opted for the fly instead of setting up a second tent to cover the camper. It's less work to set up.  We just leave the fly on the tent frame all of the time. The striped fabric lends to the vintage feel.  Wait till you see how I have used more of this striped canvas fabric to customize our campsite!  More about that in an upcoming post.
This camper photo was taken on our second outing in October 2016. It was cold, windy and rainy that trip.  It rained every day except  for the day we left. I was so glad to have the tent walls and the fly over the camper. We were able to enjoy meals in the tent without getting soaked. It rained sideways on this trip and we stayed nice and dry!  The top of the tent did collect water and we had to dump that off every now and again but it only took a minute to take care of. 
 It's all a work in progress so I will be sharing new things as I add them and give you a tour of our little glampy camper!

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